Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Winter Project.

I've started building a fly rod, under the guidance of some of the guys in the office who have been at it for years. Seeing as I've found zero time to tie flies, the fact that this project is being accomplished over lunch at work is pretty sweet.

The specifications: I've gone with a 9 foot 4 piece 6 weight blank, that apparently can be lined up to a 7 (being fairly stiff) if one so desires. This will be a heavier streamer fishing rod, and if I find myself back east, a good bass and walleye stick. I'm using all black hardware on a matte grey blank, because badass looking rods catch more fish.

What you're seeing above: So far I've glued on the reel seat, and fitted the cork rings. Once the cork is glued, I'll lathe it into the final shape, then start on wrapping guides. The space at the back where the piece of blank sticks out is where I'll be attaching a fighting butt. This goes on last because you need to use the hole in the blank to turn the rod as you lathe cork and wrap guides.

Updates to follow...