Monday, 28 February 2011

Retro post 3

The worst part about moving to a new place is you can't hunt. But, the best part about Colorado is that there are a shit load of elk. Elk is actually the only tag you can get over the counter, but it is ridiculously busy here during the hunting season. 3 of the people who live out where I do my field work got elk and I helped them pack it out so I got quite a bit. 2 of them each got a cow and a bull. We also got some meat from a cull they did in Southern Colorado. I am pretty pissed- I have to take a hunter education course to get a licence, they won't accept my AB one.

Elk liver is a lot bigger than deer

It does not taste good, no matter how may onions

We made an Argentinian style flank stank stuffed with prosciutto and a bunch of other shit

a much larger piece of meat was required

but it was still really good

with mushroom risotto

This is my study site

and species

and capture method

Retroactive post 2

I'd submit that fishing provides a similar level of satisfaction, wherein you can turn this:

into this: candied kokanee

Alright, there aren't any more kokanee food shots, because I candied all of them, but it was worth it. Instead, here's how we release bull trout in Yukon:

Retroactive post 1.

The best part about hunting is that you turn this:

into this:

into this:

into this: prosciutto wrapped sirloin with diced garlic and hedgehog mushrooms (apparently a cheaper substitute to chanterelles)

this: sour cream venison loaf

or even this: fried venison wontons

Whitefish weekend

We went ice fishing this weekend. Gull Lake has easily 24 inches of ice but I put new cutters (apparently that is their name) on my auger so I got through with no problem.

We caught a bunch of whitefish. Pink rice really seemed to bring them in. We also had a few others on and saw maybe 10 more. Things pretty much stopped with the whites after 2 pm.

The bottom guy weighed 3 lbs 7 oz.  Cleaning them is pretty straight forward.

I then made a broth. I read not to put gills in fish broth as it can leave a bad taste behind. I added all the usual broth shit and simmered it for 4 hours.

It tastes half decent.

The brother site

At the risk of losing Joe as a friend, I have started our own blog site.

Dustin gets partial credit for the name, so Joe take some of your wrath out on him.

I have no idea how to add you guys to this, but maybe some of the girls can help us out.

Retroactive and stats posts are strongly encouraged.