Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bobber fishing from a jet boat.

Aaron and I floated the Bow River last weekend.

Though 'float' is a loosely defined term when there is a jet outboard involved. Having the option to fish runs a second and third time is pretty nice, especially when you spend half your time untangling your rig.

We were running a 9' leader with 3 flies, 3 split shot, and a strike indicator right at the top of the leader. This seemed to work.

This also seemed to hurt when the terminal fly is embedded in one's ear on an aggressive double-haul.

Our guide was part of the experience. He consistently had us in fish. Fish that were acrobatic when hooked, and were dredged out of the most unlikely of places.

I would do this again.


I moved to the desert. Sort of. It has been raining all month.

My view is nice.

I'm near the Thompson River.

And some badass scenery.

I also bought a canoe.

And took it here.

For these.

Much water left to explore. The blue squares are stocked lakes.